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Celine Always Remembered


Celine, whose name means Heavenly, was truly an angelic soul that graced this world with her gentle spirit and boundless love. As a cherished companion, Celine was more than just a horse; she was a source of comfort, joy, and countless cherished memories.

From the moment Celine arrived in Ireland from England, she exhibited a remarkable sense of belonging. Stepping off the truck with confidence, she strode into her new paddock as if she had always been there. It was a testament to her extraordinary nature, and in that moment, a profound connection was formed.

Celine’s endearing quirk of delighting in the messiest rolls and covering herself in muck added a touch of playfulness to her angelic demeanor. Her antics, though messy, were a reflection of her joyful spirit and the special bond she shared with those around her.

One of the most heartwarming qualities of Celine was her instinctive ability to provide emotional support. Whenever there were tears or visible distress, Celine would gracefully make her way to those in need. With a nuzzle and a comforting presence, she had an uncanny knack for bringing solace to those around her. It was a unique role she embraced, making her not just a horse but an emotional support companion, touching the lives of everyone fortunate enough to cross her path.

Celine’s compassion extended beyond her human friends to her fellow equine companion, Bolero. The bond they shared under the shade of the birch tree in their paddock was a testament to the depth of connection that animals can forge.

Her fondness for apples and carrots was a simple joy that mirrored the sweetness of her nature. Celine’s love for grazing under the birch tree became a picturesque scene, a tranquil backdrop to the countless memories created in her presence.

Celine will be remembered as the one-of-a-kind horse who left an indelible mark on our hearts. In her heavenly spirit, she continues to reside in the cherished stories, the playful rolls, and the comforting nuzzles that defined her time with us. Rest in peace, dear Celine, knowing that your memory lives on in the love and warmth you shared with all who were fortunate enough to know you.

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