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Remembering Charlie and Duke

Charlie & Duke

Charlie and Duke were inseparable friends, that brought immeasurable joy, love, and happiness into our lives, and their absence leaves a void that can never be filled.

Charlie, our gentle and placid Cavalier King Charles, was the embodiment of calm and loyalty. His sweet nature and soulful eyes melted our hearts, providing a sense of comfort and serenity that will forever remain etched in our memories.

Duke, named after the Phantom of the Opera, was the epitome of enthusiasm and playfulness. He was always ready for a game of fetch, his excitement contagious as he bounded after his beloved rubber bones. His vibrant spirit and endless zest for life reminded us to find joy in every moment.

Their shared love for rubber bones brought endless entertainment and laughter to our lives. The sound of their paws on the floor and the gleam in their eyes when they retrieved those toys will forever echo in our hearts.

Charlie and Duke were not only best friends to each other but also to us. They filled our home with warmth, love, and laughter. They were always up for a cuddle and seemed to understand when we needed comfort the most.

One of their greatest joys was playing with friends’ dogs, their tails wagging with excitement as they frolicked together. These playdates were their favourite outings, a source of endless happiness for them.

These two adorable souls had a simple yet profound desire – to be loved and hugged, and in return, they showered us with unconditional love. They were a constant presence, comforting us through life’s challenges and sharing in our moments of joy.

Their eyes would light up at the mere mention of Pedigree Chews, a treat they adored and deserved for the endless love they gave us.

Though they are no longer with us, the love, joy, and cherished moments they brought into our lives will be forever etched in our hearts.

We miss them deeply and will always hold them close in our memories. Goodbye, dear Charlie and Duke. You were truly beloved, and your legacy of love and happiness will endure.

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Charlie & Duke

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