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coco and ralph drawing

Coco & Ralph

How lucky were we to have these two beautiful souls enter our lives. They came to us by accident, but they changed our lives and healed parts of us that we didn’t know needed to heal. They brought love and joy beyond measure. We didn’t rescue them. They rescued us.

Ralph came first, a bouncing rambunctious bundle of chaos and fun. Ralph was a large dog in size, and he lived large, loving every moment!! Ralph greeted every day as a new adventure, always curious and constantly instigating play and laughter. So handsome, walking outdoors with Ralph was like walking with a celebrity. He was often surrounded by children and tourists – asking, “Is that Beethoven?” Ralph took it all in his stride and loved being the centre of attention, always gentle and patient. Ralph loved cuddles and being brushed and would wade in the river all day if he could.

His birthday parties and Christmas were glorious days for him with special sweet treats he could not resist.

Coco came to us a short time later, a sweetheart -tiny in size, but he made up for it in personality. You could never forget Coco. He was fiercely loyal and protective, keeping us all in check while out on walks! He ran a very tight ship! His love of both Ralph and his humans was undeniable. He would jump to our defence without hesitation. Coco loved being loved. He felt his connections deeply and made sure we always stayed close, gave him his rubs and kisses, and positioned himself centre to every occasion.

Popular with his dog pals, Boombox, Bobby, Teodora, and was often even kind to his nemesis Barney – who always stole his toys. Ralph and Coco had an unbreakable bond, and a language only they understood; the most unlikely pair, and yet they were a perfect fit. So bonded and trusting, they lived their lives with gusto! Hunting for squirrels together, they were ferocious, but when snuggling together afterwards, they were as gentle as lambs.

We take great comfort knowing they are reunited. We will miss you forever and love you for even longer. Our best friends, we remember you in the cool breeze, the forest rain, the sounds of the river, the daffodils in spring, the sunlit sand dunes, the crashing waves in winter and those the starry, starry nights. Always.

Photos of Coco & Ralph

Videos of Coco & Ralph

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When tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we’re far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.