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Keith Orr
Keith Orr Always Remembered

Keith loved to drive, there wasn’t a part of Ireland that he didn’t know someone. Even on his trips out to the continent he was sure to meet someone he knew from home.

Keith loved his family especially his son Brian and had hopes that one day Brian would follow in his footsteps with his love for trucks.

He was happiest when driving his truck, didn’t matter where to as long as he had the wind on his head he was happy as could be.

Keith was a real mammy’s boy and there was nothing he would not do for her. Our hope is they are now united and are happy together in heaven.

We had him until his 41st birthday and for that we are forever grateful, life will never be the same without his big cheeky grin and mischievous glint in his eyes.

Photos of Keith

My Life

I was born in up the hill down the holla, Ballacolla. I lived there most of my life, except for my three day all-inclusive holiday to R32 F796. I was christened Keith Paul Orr by my Parents Christine and David Orr, however, most people called me Tractor due to my love of them since I was a young lad. If you didn’t find me in a Tractor, I was tinkering away at one. I think my love of vehicles started with my Father David. He was an Army man and drove many different types of Army vehicles, my favourite being the big green trucks. I remember him taking me for spins in them, with me sitting on his lap steering the wheel and it was love at first drive. Over the years my passion for them grew, so much so that even my close friends ended up with nicknames from my obsession. My good friend Simon became known as Trailer. Together we were known as Tractor and Trailer as you would never see one without the other. School was never my favourite place, I preferred to spend my time playing with my beloved pink toy truck (the one my sister accidentally misplaced into my care). 😁

There was nothing I couldn’t take apart, from washing machines to bikes, and car engines, etc. The hard part was figuring out how to put it all back together before the mother caught me. I just loved to figure out how things worked. I had many friends growing up, some closer than others and there was no place in Ireland I couldn’t go that someone didn’t know me. I was always up for a laugh and a bit of craic. I loved to call around to as many of them as I could to share stories and get up to weekly mischievousness. I am sure Duxie, Hoolie, Simon, Magoo, and Caroline could tell you some that would make you blush and I hope that they do.

I was always a Mammy’s boy even though I was a big strong man just shy of 6ft, she was the only one whom I both loved and was terrified of. (Think of a Chihuahua small but vicious).  Even though she teased me with her fun-loving personality, I always knew she always had my back. It broke my heart when she passed away and not too long after I also lost my dear friend Brian. Out of terrible loss though always comes some happiness. I met Joanne and together we had our beautiful son Brian whom I named after my dear friend. Our life together was happy and I vowed with all my heart to do the best any father can do for his son and to take care of them both.

I started my own trucking business. I still remember the look on my sister’s face when she was helping me get my license, thinking how on earth she was going to do it with the Empire State size folder I had just given her of all my road traffic offenses. Thankfully with my heartfelt letter, my application was a success and Orr & Son Transport was off to a flying start.

I worked hard for the next few years and loved spending my free time with my precious son, family, and friends. Christmas time was my favourite time of the year. I loved all the hustle and bustle and getting the sisters to wrap all my presents.  “Sure why not I did all the hard work buying them”.  My favourite part was the big feed, I would scoot from one sibling’s house to the next pretending I hadn’t eaten and was wasting away. A big fella like me needs all the protein, then it was back out on the open road where my heart always belonged.

Sadly then in June, I got cut on my leg which I thought nothing of initially like most people. This cut however led to a serious infection that put me in hospital for a few weeks. I had great fun over those couple of weeks sending all my friends and family daily updates and pictures of my nether regions where I had surgery, much to their shock. Unfortunately not long after my release tragedy struck a few days after I came home, I sadly lost my life in a car accident on June 17th, 2022.

I hope that I am remembered as the fun-loving man I was and a man who cherished his family and friends so dearly above all else. I was lucky to have so many true friends. I loved life to the full and did my best to make everyone around me happy. Nothing can leave a bigger mark in life than that. As they say “never lift, keep her lit and drive on through the pearly gates are open”.

My Song

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Your Paw prints are forever on our hearts

Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts and reminders of unconditional love that lasts forever.

When tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we’re far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.